My new 5th edition D&D campaign is taking place in a world that used to be “normal”, but the sun was weakened by deific shenanigans.  It is now a frigid land, with all the problems that entails. It was an entertaining thought experiment to figure out how these people survived over the centuries.  One of those was Bloodsalt.


Bloodsalt is a opaque milky-red crystal mineral that is mined from Mt. Mizgedat. Consuming just a pinch causes the blood to be greatly warmed, staving off the effects of cold weather.

As a result, bloodsalt is a valuable commodity in all of the empire, and a critical resource for the military as well.

If consumed in more than small doses, bloodsalt is almost always fatal. The victim succumbs to heat stroke, and in severe cases, spontaneously combusts.

This poisoning is a recurring danger with some nobility, who have taken to the fashion of crafting goblets from Bloodsalt with gold filigree and gem inlays.


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