Making Maps

I’ll admit it, I’m really not patient with graphics software.

Perhaps I should replace the word patient with proficient.  Regardless, I really wanted to have maps for my Hinterfast campaign.

First, I wanted some pretty handouts for overland, and perhaps something that showed the larger campaign world.  Then I realized how my skills were MS-Paint in a Photoshop world.   I’m contemplating just paying for somebody to do these, on a place like Fiverr.

The next, and probably more important step, is to have something that shows the layout of my dungeons.  I wanted something quick and dirty, and I first tried out Mapmaker3.  This little tablet/web app was almost perfect.  It’s simple and fast, and if I didn’t intend to share the maps with anybody else, it would be perfect.

I’m gonna try DungeonMaker next.


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