LARP weapon reviews (part 2)

===Gorg the Blacksmith (etsy)===

Shoulder Shield


I picked this up before checking the DK rules for my gladiator character, so it ended up not being legal to use with a two-hander as I hoped.  It will now just be another toy to bring to practice.  It makes an interesting drop shield as long as you position your arm outward to protect your shoulder.

However, I would use this as an example of Gorg’s good craftsmanship regardless.  The sock on this shield is perfectly sewn.  The velcro straps are not as nice as what Warlord Sports provides, having a plastic part that will eventually break.  I’d lean towards a Warlord Sports shield over these, but I still think I’ll need to get a buckler for DK from Gorg, since WS doesn’t make bucklers.

Pik Clips

I got two of these.   They work well on boffers, but the weapon tends to drag on the ground unless you do something to make the weapon ride higher on the hip.  I put a knot of leather around the handle of one of my sticks to do this.

===Epic Armory===

Footmans Tower Shield

This is a very attractive shield, and it’s just huge.  For most folks, this is going to give you very good leg coverage.  It’s also very light, feasible for any strength level of fighter.  This is a cheater shield for folks about 5’6 and with narrow shoulders.

I’m not a fan of lozenge/boogie board shields, since they tend to be too easy to get hit the left elbow, left shoulder.  I also suck with strap shields.

The straps it came with are something to be desired.  They are somewhat poorly placed, and have tiny buckles that require three hands (or not being a fucktard like me) to buckle, meaning it will take a few minutes of work to get in (or out) of this shield.  There seems to be strapping to use this as a drop shield as well, but it’s inadequate/poorly placed. .

===Warlord Sports===

Madu punch shield

This shield is just fun.  If you are primarily a florentine fighter (like me), this is a great middle ground.  It’s capable of blocking the outside low attack to the left from a polearm (the attack I usually advocate should be dodged, not blocked).  The madu also got some neat stuff with twisting the shield while blocking.  Lastly, if you get rushed, you can stab fool with the spike.  Fun times.

Round Strap shield (28”)

This is just a great round shield.  I’m a big advocate of rounds for strap shields, and this one is the best I’ve used.  The straps are what makes this the best shield I’ve ever used.  They are heavy duty denim bands with a surplus of velcro.  That means you can get in and out of this shield very easily, and the strap holds tight enough on your wrist that you don’t need a handle.  You can readily tote a holdout weapon in your shield hand as a result (or spell-packets, or whatever).

===Edhellen (

General note — It seems that Edhellen is the name that gets dropped as the source for boffers in the local community.  I bought from them specifically to be able gauge their value, but also because they carried flails.  The tl;dr is that I’d recommend Warlord Sports over Edhellen simply because the WS ultra-light is lighter by 2-3 oz, and the WS 7’ spear is perfect.

Ultra-Light Flail


I picked this up to have a flail more than anything else.  The craftsmanship is superb, and it is pretty light.  In general, flails are fail, and I’d have to agree on that note in the general larp sense.  I took this for a spin last night, and I had to REALLY focus on controlling the weapon rather than hitting, and you can’t block with it for fuck-all.  Still, this will make a great NPCing weapon for intimidation/style factor.

Ultra-Light Club


I got this to compare to Warlord Sports ultra-light.   This weapon has a better sock, better sock color choice and a better handle than the WS ultra-light, but it’s definitely heavier.  The site claims it is 9 ounces, but it definitely feels more than that when I hold this in one hand, and the WS ultra-light in the other.  I wouldn’t recommend it to the local community as a result, since their prices are comparable.

===Bradley Spell-Packets===

Labeled Spell Packets

I got a grip of these for orcball at practice.  They fly great, and for a “mom-and-pop” shop, this guy not only got them to me in under a week, but he was very conscientious about it.  He asked me in an email when I needed them, since he larps also, and gets that it the answer might be “need packetz NAO, game in 36 hours!!!”


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