LARP safety myths and misunderstandings

The safety culture of LARP is absolutely needed.  It does vary widely between LARPs, with strong opinions on what is safe and what is not.

There’s also some opinions that I think are misplaced or misunderstood.

myth:  “turtling” behind a shield is unsafe

This is simply incorrect.  Hitting somebody in the head because you can’t figure out how to get around a shield (wrap shot, slot shot, darkside, bait shot, ankle shot, sky hook, florentine pop-over, shield tip.. just to name a few) and/or lack the control to perform these attacks… yes, this is unsafe.  i.e. if you don’t know how to fight a turtle, it’s not the turtler’s fault.  Yes, perhaps this is a better guideline to a shield user (i.e. if you turtle, newbs are gonna hit you in the face, so you better be ready to block that shit).

myth:  “tabling a shield” is unsafe

This is borderline correct, as tabling it into somebody’s face is gonna hurt.  It’s more of a question of the control of the shield user, since tabling is a very strong advanced technique. Again, this is a myth perpetrated by non-experienced uncontrolled fighters.

myth:  hand shots are unsafe

Yes, handshots are unsafe with latex weapons.  We fought for decades with light-touch boffers with handshots being legal.  Many people got guards on their weapons in response, but it wasn’t to protect the hands, it was to not take game damage from handshots.  The shots themselves were not inherently unsafe.

myth:  running at somebody is unsafe

This is another one coming from retards.  Yeah, if you barrel into somebody full speed, people are going to get hurt.  Holding a foam stick in your hand doesn’t make you “tackle-safe”.

Nevertheless, it’s probably a good guideline, since there’s always that guy that figures out they can barrel into people and hit them ten times with his stubby little claws.  The solution here is to never force people to use super short weapons.  Those are unsafe.

myth:  whistles are required for safety

This is IFGS specific, and it was a remnant of them playing in the Colorado mountains and being douche-tards and sending single NPCs out alone to an encounter off the trail.

myth:  it is safe to just let newbs come in and start fighting immediately

Some larps seem to just let this happen.  Somebody needs to fight with every newb for a few exchanges and check for retardation.  Quite a few boy-newbs have had “kitana training”*, and need that shit corrected out of them.

*bullshit, they watched a youtube video

myth:  bending the tip of a weapon will check to see if it is safe

No, bending the tip of a weapon will break the foam and make it unsafe as a result. I’ve seen that done by safety officers too many times.  Don’t fucking do that.  Yeah, a tip that can get damaged that way isn’t thrust safe.  If the weapon has a point, it isn’t thrust safe.  Just say that and move on.  Don’t break my fucking tip first.


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