Post-LARP post: Dying Kingdoms Table Tops – August 22, 2015

I was hesitant about attending a “larp” that wasn’t “live” or “action”.  I still have my reservations on a philosophical level (see below for “Scotty’s Curmudgeonly Asshole Opinion”).

This was a really good time, and the vibe was great.  I was at a table with a bunch of friends, and it told a nice story that segued our characters into further plot in the live portion of the game.  Jim ran a great game, and it sounds like the other tables were having fun also.

Scotty’s Curmudgeonly Asshole Opinion

I’m of the opinion that table-tops are a cheap way to create content.  Cheap isn’t bad, but it’s still cheap.  You only need one non-PC for 6-8 PCs, which is similar to the ratio that a lot of LARPs are depending on nowadays, and that I’ve railed against in previous posts.

It does appear that the method is being leveraged very well, and it’s also being used to silo players, as well as distribute loot evenly.  All told, it’s a good idea, and probably something we should have been doing in IFGS “back in the day”.


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