Post-LARP post: Twin Mask Camper – August 28-30, 2015

I was an NPC for this one, and it was my first full camper experience.  I decided I wanted to go balls-deep on this experience.   As a result, I was a combat NPC at 4 am on Saturday morning.  The weekend was definitely exhausting as a result, and the heat was no fun.  I pushed myself on a few of the fights, but mostly on the physicality of the role rather than the intensity of the fighting.

The only bummer to this weekend I had was that I broke my LONG streak of never killing a PC.  It was accidental, yet I wasn’t happy about that.  I took a lot of care to not do that before the lead-up (moving away from downed people so they could get healed).

That was the ONLY downer.  Everything else was just a great experience.  There were a bunch of new players there, and their energy and excitement was priceless.  Even more valuable was the attitudes of the “old hands”.  There’s some other games I’ve been to where the salty old-timer larpers (at the ripe old age of 28) have been a bit stand-offish with me.  There’s none of that going on at Twin Mask.

I had fun outside of combat as well, which is usually where I feeb out.  I was a drunk that they thought was a new PC on Friday night.  I had a great time being one of the “Chalice Scouts” that wanted to learn how to fight.

I had to bail early Sunday morning (3 am) to handle a work thing.. hopefully I’ll get to see an entire game one of these days.


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