Minioning / Respawn mechanic for boffer LARP

Today’s post is light, just an inspiration I had about respawn.  It’s done with the writeup for my as-of-yet-unpublished system.

In general, the philosophy behind this was to try and solve two of the problems I have with respawns.

  1. Players have no information stream about it.  It just happens until it is over, and they have no forewarning.
  2. The mechanic usually needs a staff member to count for the players, and they return to a central hub.  There is a strength to that mechanic, in that the staff can stop spawning when “the players are beat up enough”.  I’ve railed against that necessity of that mechanic, and this is my first foray into changing it.  Needless to say, this is not a mechanic to give statty NPCs.  It’s a mook only thing.

Respawn [Stunt][Self][Instant]

cost:  none

requirement:  must have a red respawn flag tied to your arm.

effect:  This stunt is performed only when you have died.  You remove one of the respawn flags tied to your arm.  You should hold the flag above your head, and give a howl, groan or yell as appropriate to your role.  At this point, you are a new monster, with the same unexpended soak and spirit as the previous life.

Possessing this stunt is usually paired with the “Fast Bleeder” trait, which means your death count is only 5 seconds.

Note:  It is usually good form to first walk about 10 steps away from any players with your weapons/hands over your head before using this stunt.  If you are dead inside of an enclosure or defended area, you should leave the area before respawning.

sidebar – respawning

The red respawn flags aren’t just there because you are bad at math and cannot count to three.  They also communicate to players that there are “more” of you when they see you.  Players can  can then imagine a horde of unrepresented monsters approaching, and not just five.  This can guide their actions (they might flee if they see 6 people with 5 armbands each).  The “howl” is also important for effect.


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