Post-LARP post: Dying Kingdoms Bay Area Day Game – September 12, 2015

Myself and three other Socal retards took the drive up to NPC for the inception of this new LARP “spawn” of Dying Kingdoms.

First off, the non-LARP stuff was super fun.  It took less than 5 minutes for sausage-van to become completely and utterly politically incorrect, and this was maintained for the entire drive.

The game itself was small, at least by DK standards, as they were starting out.  However, it didn’t have the issue I’d had in the past with NPCing for DK-socal.  That issue was sitting around for an hour (or two) and then getting a “cardboard standup” role, followed by another long downtime.  In this case, it was back-to-back roles, and none of the roles where “stand there for 15 minutes in the sun while other people roleplay, and then fight for 5 seconds”.  I’m an easy guy to please 🙂

The other thing that was great was all the larp newbies getting their larp on.  I’m a crusty old vet and I feed on the enthusiasm of the newbs like a vampire.


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