Post-LARP post: Dying Kingdoms Day Game – October 10, 2015

This game was the first appearance of the first LARP PC I’ve played in 10 years.  I was really excited to bring Mattos, and this game was great for it.  I was very pleased with my costume and armor (pics later when they show up).  As I usually do with a new character, I didn’t have much about him developed, and let that evolve in-game.

There were several (6+) new people starting LARP for the first time, and I took the time to role-play with them (as well go OOC to explain stuff that needed it).  I always like doing this, and I made several new friends out there.

DK is the anti-Sizzler when it comes to LARP.  There isn’t a lot of plot-driven content, but the content (both Plot driven and player-created) that exists is good.  This game was no exception.  My character’s involuntary distaste of elves certainly got the attention of those characters, or at least their amusement.  I was actually pretty busy role-playing in the Stormcrows camp, and never got the chance to interact much with the “old-hands”.

We’re all looking forward to the camper in a month!


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