From the North Pole, with Love (Part 4)


Don’t worry, we’ll be going over all this with examples at the start of the game.


Your hit points are decided at the start of the game based on your costume effort.

Show up in blue jeans, and we lend you an elf hat = 2 hit points
You make an effort = 4 hit points
My costume is balls deep on this elf thing. – 6 hit points

You represent your hit points with candy canes.  When you lose a hit point, you eat a candy cane.  Delicious pain!

If you lose all your hit points, you are unconscious.  If and when you are restored to health, you have no recollection of any of the events that occurred in the room before you went unconscious.


Some elves are skilled at healing with wrapping paper and ribbon.  A healing elf can wrap up an unconscious elf with paper and ribbon, restoring the elf to 1 hit point.  The elf doing the healing should do a thorough job (i.e. the healed elf should be embarrassingly wrapped).   If the healed elf takes damage again, that elf should rip off the paper and fall unconscious… again.


Scattered about the house and backyard are envelopes.  Any elf can see and interact with a white envelope.  Only certain elves can see or interact with orange envelopes.  If you are one of those elves, you should roleplay no knowledge of orange envelopes.

Some envelopes will have instructions on them.  You must follow the instructions on the envelope if you choose to interact with the envelope.


Some envelopes have 3-d puzzles involved.  These are cheap chinese knockoffs, rather than sturdy elf-made puzzles.  Please don’t brute force the puzzles to solve them.  The puzzles and the envelopes related to them cannot be moved more than 5 feet away until you solve the puzzle.


There are 2-D puzzles that are major plot elements or treasure troves.  You must collect and place all the pieces of the puzzle to get the effect stated on the puzzle.  2-d puzzle pieces can be stolen.


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