From the North Pole, with Love (Re-Cap)

The x-mas game was load of fun, and I didn’t even get to play 🙂



First, here’s the 20 characters that were available.

The character writeups worked well, but a lot of people got confused about the secret signs.  In the future, I’ll put a picture in the text for every secret sign.


As far as mechanics, I think most of it went smoothly.  The playing card mechanic was successful, and I definitely will be re-using it again.   The pain points were minor, but included:

  • Detect Lie was probably too weak in comparison to the other abilities.  I’m not sure how to supplement it directly.
  • Steal almost always had to be clarified that the target had their back turned.
  • The “disengage” mechanic was the real effect of the “tag-off” effect, at least the way the players used it.
  • Some people never really understood that to beat a card, it had to match the value, or match the suit and beat the value.  Lots of folks thought an Ace was an auto-win, and it wasn’t supposed to be.

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