Forced Character Retirement in LARP (addendum)

Wow.. it’s been two months since the last post after a good long stretch of regular posts.  I had work bust out with dual-wield responsibilities, and I’m only now pulling my head out from that.

Anyway, I’ve had some further thoughts on the retirement, albeit tangential.

The normative here in Socal is to reward folks that perform non-player volunteer work with some kind of reward points.   In most cases, these reward points act identically to normal character build points.  Volunteer for us, and you can be a more powerful character, faster.  Sounds like a great deal, and it’s a lot cheaper on the wallet (as volunteer work typically is free, or has a nominal charge).

Nevertheless, these character-applicable rewards are a punishment when combined with forced character retirement.  In return for volunteering, you get less story.

Now, some systems here alleviate this by allowing the reward points to be applicable to non-advancing goals.  Get gold, influence, downtimes, etc.  That’s one solution.

I’d promote another.  Those reward points are not counted towards your retirement cap, or at least the reward points that are sourced solely from volunteer work.  Games are just better when there’s a small cadre of npc-only bodies, and there should be a motivation for that, if only as a turn-taking incentive.


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