Approaching Role-Playing like I approach fighting.

Fact #1

I have a lot philosophical ranting about LARP fighting.  I can go on forever talking about, and I love getting technical either about techniques, weapon styles and meta-tactics.  I just love fighting, and I love codifying fighting as well.

Fact #2

I’m a mediocre role-player.  I used to be abyssmal, especially in table-top.  I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way, but I can struggle with it.

What I want to do:

I want to develop a “role-playing” style, much like a fighting style.  The more I think about it, the more I think “hey, the concept of a stance – how does that translate into role-playing?”, that excites me.

I feel I can become a better role-player on this journey of dissection.

The analogies between fighting and role-playing seem to be something that I can build on, but the first thing that really needs to be defined is the win-condition.

Win Conditions

Fighting Win Conditions (for PCs)

  • The NPCs are dead
  • The NPCs are really dead
  • The NPCs are dead and/or fleeing
  • The NPCs are dead, and we didn’t spend a lot of resources accomplishing it.
  • You held off the NPCs while some of your guys did the MacGuffin.

In addition to all this, it’s not a win if it’s “dirty” — i.e. you had to cheese your way through it (either fighting cheese or rules cheese), and therefore made it unfun for the NPCs or your fellow PCs.

Fighting Win Conditions (for NPCs)

  • You got the PCs to have fun beating you, and you had fun along the way.

I have a bunch of old posts about this specifically.

Role-playing Win Conditions

  • Convince
    • Either you convince somebody of something (“sell me this armor for X gold”) or you allow yourself to be convinced of something (“yes, I agree that all humans must be eradicated”)
  • Share Story
    • Either you bring somebody else into your story, or you allow yourself to be brought into somebody else’s story.
  • Share Lore
    • Either you impart knowledge, or you absorb it.

Like the fighting win conditions, these cannot be “dirty”.  You must be cognizant of what is important to somebody out-of-game, and try to cater to that.





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