Ritual of Bonding

This post was something I kept in my pocket for sometime.  I mostly forgot about it, but also have been struggling with some social anxiety at game.  In typical fashion, I finally say “fuck this anxiety, do the thing”.  My rusty brain dredged this up, thinking, this should be something in-character.  I wanted this to be IC so I have an excuse to do this at any time during game.  I think I have a good IC reason my child-elf Gaeden to initiate it now.  I’m writing this as more of the script I intend to go off of.

Would you like to come perform a ritual of bonding with me and some other friends?  I warn you, it can be hard for some people, maybe even dangerous.  I think the benefits outweigh the risks.

Gather around, please.  Form a circle, and go ahead and sit on the pillows.  Try to sit next to people you know, as that can help with the power of the ritual.  It’s not critical, in fact, it’s important that the ritual always include somebody new.  Bonding means nothing if everybody already is bonded outside the ritual.

As we start this ritual, allow yourself to relax.  Take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly.  Take in the people in the circle.  Include them in your awareness, and try to think of yourself in each of their places.  Think of what they could be thinking or feeling.

<pulling out ritual athame>

I cannot remember much of my life.  I do remember that it was very hard for the effendal to form meaningful relationships.  Almost everybody in your immediate family or homestead was much older or younger than you.  They were alien, as you were strange and unfathomable to them.

You could only find peers from other families or groves.  This ritual, the ritual of bonding, was a way to come together with your peers, and form a lasting bond.

I will begin the ritual, and then I will pass this knife to you on my left.  In each case, you will face the person on your left, and join your free hand to one or both of theirs.  You need to look them directly in the eyes.  You can hold the knife three different ways.

If you hold the point down, you are announcing that you will be speaking of the Past.  You must speak of an event in the past between you and the other person that was important to you.

<ooc>This event becomes canon if the person on the left agrees, but they are welcome to veto it, with a “no, but”. In other words, this is a collaborative experience, and both players need to be on board.  Once there is agreement, the event becomes canon.</ooc>

If you hold the point up, you are announcing that you will be speaking of the Future.  You must speak of an event that you want to happen between you and the other person.

If you hold the point towards you, you are announcing that you will be speaking to your Heart.  You must reveal a truth about yourself that has been kept secret.



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