About Scotty

My name is Scott.

I started LARPing in ’91 with a group that still survives in other states, called IFGS.   It was the only game in town, and I loved it all the same.  It was of the dying/dead breed of line-courses, and I’ll never give up my love for the heroic adventure aspects of line course.


I wrote and produced over a dozen games for IFGS, and edited more than that for others.  I spent a LOT (too much) time theory-crafting.  I built OP characters, and power-gamed shamelessly (and a bit ruthlessly).  I practiced nerf-jitsu like it was a religion.  I finally stumbled on my true love late in the game, which is being combat NPC in a high-combat game.

Around 2004 I walked away.  I had met my wife, and LARPing looked like it was going to peter out and go the way of model trains.  At least, that’s what I told myself.  I picked up sporadic jabs of LARPs running locally, but my old friends weren’t involved.  It was a new crowd of kids, and I was now the crusty old man.

happy and grumpy old men

LARP still resides in the corners of the nerdiverse, so it’s not something you stumble upon easily.  LARPs are the bottom crust of table-top RPG culture.  There’s no LARP at PAX or SDCC, but that’s because there’s no money in LARP (a topic for another day/post).

Anyway, come 2015 I hear about my old group trying to get the band together, and I head out to help.  I have a blast, and I remember the reasons I love it so.  I start googling, and I find out that the Socal LARP scene is just nuts with more weekends having events than not.  I start checking out games, and I start making new LARP friends.


Yeah, the games are very different.  Yeah, I’m probably never gonna stop old-man grumbling “back in my day!” and shaking my fist.  However, I’m not yelling “get off my lawn!”  I’m yelling “get on my lawn and kill that other fucking nerd with your nerf saber!”.

Anyway, this is my place to theorycraft without making people want to claw their eyes out.


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