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Post-LARP post: Dystopia Rising Camper, April 15, 2017

I had gone to DR games before, but only for a short bit of NPCing.  This time I finally went as a player.  That me with the bone crown and the crap on my face.


The folks at the game were amazing.  I played a hard-to-love character, and I did have a  handful of people that knew me from other games, so they were welcoming.  However, there were TONS of people I did not know before this game, and they quickly got into RP with me.

I was really impressed by the costuming.  In my previous forays, I didn’t get to see the really nice stuff, and I focused on the weapons/armor.   My initial impression was that the costuming was ugly and the weapons seemed low-quality home-made.

Getting to spend more time in the player base, my impression changed on the costuming. The theme takes some getting used to.  I’m used to pretty costuming, and that is not the ascetic here.  However, the effort and detail is obvious and awesome.   Look at the guy in the picture next to me. *

The local DR community seems to have a thing against store-bought weapons.   I don’t recall seeing a single store-bought weapon while there, which is

There’s no shortage of tradeskill/crafting actions to do, and it appears to consume a good portion of most folks larp-time.  I started in tard-mode with no trade-skills, but still had no problems filling my day with RP and meeting people.

It was also fun to be in fights where everything could one-shot me.   I had to bring my A-game to melee, and I still got dumped by point-effects.

*I have never met this guy in the photo.  I might play a whole year and never meet him.  The game has 150+ participants, and there’s probably dozens of new and returning players each game.

There’s a VERY interesting angle to think about here socially.  The other Socal LARPs are not this large, and I’ve been able to learn the majority of players after a few events.  I will probably never be able to do that at DR.  What does that mean for the character of a LARP?




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